Grazing Board & Cocktail Styling


Grazing Board & Cocktail Styling


Thursday, June 27th

6 PM - 8 PM

Ink & Root Studio - 3461 Ringsby Court

Ready to step up your food & drink game at your next gathering?!


This is a curated and absolutely stunning technique crafted by Ink & Root’s own founder, Hannah Howard - PLUS delicious bites to snack on, a photo backdrop wall, and a cocktail to sip on while we craft. This workshop is more than styling food and drinks; it's an experience. So, grab your gal pal or someone who would enjoy a relaxing evening of fun, and join us as we celebrate and journey through this unforgettable art together! 


We will go over styling, aesthetics, importance of grazing board design, the craft of cocktails, and food pairings.

The following materials will be provided:

  • Individual Ink & Root Grazing Boards

  • A Cheese Spread

  • A Fruit Spread

  • A Charcuterie Spread

  • Cocktail Materials + Garnishes

  • Grazing board & cocktail

  • Backdrop for photos

  • Ink & Root's Instructional Packet

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