Intro To Modern Calligraphy

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Intro To Modern Calligraphy


Sunday, February 12th

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Hotel Teatro, 1100 14th St. Denver, CO 80202

(Free street parking on Sundays)


This is a special edition Ink & Root Introductory to Modern Calligraphy workshop. We will be learning the ins and outs of this craft whilst sipping on cocktails and eating a curated charcuterie and cheese board from the renown restaurant The Nickel. Located in the spectacular lobby at Hotel Teatro, this workshop is more than learning nib + ink: it's an experience. So, grab someone you love and join us as we celebrate and journey through this lost art together! 

We will go over all the basics of calligraphy: dipping your pen in ink, ink flow, pressure, techniques, and the entire alphabet (uppercase and lowercase).  

The following materials will be provided:

  • Straight Pen
  • Ink Well
  • 2 Nibs
  • Ink & Root's Instructional Packet
  • Ink & Root's Alphabet
  • Rhodia Practice Pad
  • Yummy Cocktail from The Nickel
  • Yummy eats from The Nickel 
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