Ink & Root Workshops are more than learning a task, they are an experience. Every student is thought of, prepared for, and carefully placed at a seat at the table. From place cards, to hand-crafted cocktails with local ingredients, to beautifully styled food, and stunning florals or greens running down the long table - every detail is carefully and creatively executed. The workshops are a way to encompass all that Ink & Root does: styling, hand lettering, teaching, and creating environments where people feel safe to do one of the most daunting things: create something. We not only teach calligraphy introduction and intermediate courses, we also offer some plant-based classes and styling courses. 

Do come and join us. We promise it will be worth it. 

Our Upcoming Workshop:

Modern Calligraphy Workshop


This is a post-Valentine’s Day workshop by Ink & Root. We will be learning the art of pointed pen calligraphy with a modern twist, all while basking in a super fun (think colors and metallics) designed space at Hotel Teatro. And of course, we’ll be sipping on some delightful, beautiful cocktails, eating from a gorgeous charcuterie board and taking lots of selfies in front of a cool backdrop. Basically a girl’s day-out made in heaven. (hellloooopo boyfriends and husbands, it’s the perfect Valentine’s gift!)

Located in the spectacular lobby at Hotel Teatro, this workshop is more than learning nib + ink: it's an experience. So, grab someone you love and join us as we celebrate and journey through this lost art together! 

We will go over all the basics of calligraphy: dipping your pen in ink, ink flow, pressure, techniques, Ink & Root’s alphabet (uppercase and lowercase), and numbers.

The following materials will be provided: (and lucky you! this workshop will be the release of Ink & Roots’s brand new workshop supplies and design!)

  • Straight Pen

  • Ink Well

  • 1 Nib

  • Ink & Root's BRAND NEW Instructional Packet

  • Ink & Root's BRAND NEW Alphabet

  • Practice Pad

  • All encased in Ink & Root’s BRAND NEW keepsake boxes.

  • Yummy Cocktail from The Nickel

  • Yummy eats from The Nickel 

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Private Workshops

Interested in having us host a private workshop for you? Corporate event, bachelorette parties, baby showers, and more - we. have. done. it. all.  Contact us below to chat about  making this happen.

We really, really take pride in our workshops. Calligraphy, plant-based classes, design classes and more. 

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