Customize quantity, paper type, type of printing, colors, and information to make one of these suites feel like your own. We created these templates to be more than another piece of mail received in your loved one's mailbox, but to be a piece of art admired and hung on the fridge proudly. Choosing a semi-custom suite is not the less-than option, but a time-friendly and pocket-book friendly way to check invitations off the list. Let us make this easier for you. Check out our Semi-Custom Guide to see how it works. 

Looking For an Affordable, Timely Option for Artistic and Beautiful Stationery Tailored to You & Your Event?  We Got You. 

InvitationSuite_Mockups_flatten_0004_wax seal.jpg

No. I

This suite is timeless and elegant. As our most popular design, it displays a crest curated for you and your person. There are three crests to choose from, and sweet leaf details throughout the design. A sure way to capture your guest's attention the moment they open their piece of mail. 


No. II

This suite is trendy and fun -no way around it. With it's bright green, tropical leaves paired with bold calligraphy, it is a recipe for something really, really  good. 





This suite is modern and crisp. Inspired by "less is more," this invitation creates pause with beautiful, light calligraphy paired with negative space, roman numerals, and classic text. 


No. IV

This suite is delicate and classy. With handcrafted leaves trailing up and down the pages, it creates an unmatched aesthetic.  In this suite, you are able to customize the color of your leaves. 


No. V

This suite is for the bride who wants something big and bold. Choose between four colors for the hand-painted leaves and the brush lettered text. This suite is bold, but sweet. Sometimes less is more, and then, sometimes, more is more.