Testimonial 01

If you are in charge of planning, marketing or hosting events of any type, you need a Hannah Howard in your back pocket. Hannah and her team at Ink + Root are fueled by passion for the art of calligraphy, and her natural eye for all things beautiful have led to us working together on a variety of projects, including holiday decor, sold out calligraphy workshops, personalized promotional materials for my sales team and gifts for my VIP clients. Working with her just feels good -  no project is too big or too small and I often can turn over creative freedom to her and have always been in awe of the products and events she dreams up. Her success with my business needs have translated into hiring Ink + Root for our own upcoming wedding invites and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her traveling to style our event in New York. Ink and Root’s talented Hannah Howard is unparalleled in Denver and beyond, and her ability to work well digitally also allows for those who live in other parts of the world to experience her insane Calligraphy and Design talent. 

-Britney Hemela, Media and Marketing Manager at Hotel Teatro